About Us

Based in Van Vleck, and operating since 1998 under the name Van Vleck High School Drama. In December 1999 our wonderful Director Gena Smith took over the Drama department, and in the year 2000 a rebranding was necessary to include our Speech & Debate team. So at this point we made the decision to rename the drama club the "Leopard Players Drama Club".

Theater is a World of wonder. It is a place where one can lose themselves for a couple of hours while being drawn into a compelling story. A story full of drama, making you sit on the edge of your seat; a whimsical story to make you laugh and open your imagination; a story you think you know, only to find a twist or turn you hadn’t expected. It is this magic The Leopard Players love.

The Leopard Players Drama Club was created to bring all of these emotions and more to eager audiences. Helmed by Artistic Director, Gena Lea Smith, Jordan Pena, & Tiifany Oncken, The Leopard Players Drama Club was born from a desire to entertain and make people think about the World we share, as well as a place to indulge in the lighter side of life. This is where talented cast and crew can stretch their abilities to provide thought provoking shows.

The Leopard Players are fortunate enough to have the guidance of  committed Officers. Their strong support system is comprised of many disciplines including fundraising, finance, technical and stage direction, etc. The Leopard Players have all the elements needed to build a strong base for a long and creative future. 

We look forward to seeing at our next production!